World's First Omni-channel E-Commerce Solution

Built in SEO, Social Media Integration, E-Commerce, E-Wallet, Marketing Automation, Web Analytics, Content Amplification, Google n Facebook Ad Integrations

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Search n Social Media Optimised

Our websites come with built in SEO to make your Articles, Products, Job Postings, Events etc shine on Google Search. And they look perfect when shared in any social media.

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E-Commerce With Facebook Business Integration

Whatever products you add in our website get automatically updated in your Facebook Business Page Shops.

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Marketing Autoamtion

Choose Anyone of the Markeitn Automation Apps HubSpot, Mailchimp or Unboxd Mautic - Leverage its full potential to generate, nurture and convert leads

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Analytics Integration

Get the 360 Degree Overview of every visitor's journey with our Integrated Analytics Dashboards to understand visitor behaviour and personalise experiences for every single visitor.

Do not Spend On Ad, Rather Earn From Ads

Make the most of your website’s content through our content amplification tools like Shareaholic & AddThis, Content monetisation tools like Google AdSense. 

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About us

We are an open source information management company which aims to help individuals n organisations become more productive in their use of technology.

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